Fursati: Empowering Palestinian Youth by Bringing Talent to the MENA Job Market

September 16, 2015

Fursati, meaning “my opportunity”, is a pilot project by Silatech, a regional social initiative that works to create jobs and expand economic opportunities  in the Arab World, and, the Middle East’s largest online work marketplace, helping businesses locate, manage and pay expert freelance talent. The project’s goal is to create 300 virtual jobs for educated and experienced youth in Palestine during the last quarter of 2015.

The project stems from the need to address the youth unemployment problem which has reached unprecedented rates in the Arab World. In order to do so, the initiative founders view remote work as one way to contribute towards resolving the problem.

Fursati will provide training and on-boarding of top Palestinian talent onto in order to help businesses get work done at affordable rates while at the same time providing opportunity for Arab youth. The project offers workshops in Palestine as well as online videos and webinars to help teach the youth how to apply, create a good resume and cover letter, and conduct work to the professional standards needed by employers.

Fursati aims to encourage businesses based mainly in the Gulf region to leverage the education and expertise of expert Palestinian talent to get work done remotely. To the Palestinians, Fursati will become a means for them to access quality jobs and earn a guaranteed income and reviews via Nabbesh. The goal is to empower the youth to earn a living as freelancers by having the program launch a successful career doing remote work.

Job applications are welcome from freelancers from Palestine only. Apply here