How it Works

How we define an organization
Any organization that supports the Palestinian people culturally, economically, and socially is welcome to join the Bilbaal community.
We define our member organizations as: 
  • Non profit organizations
  • Social enterprises 
  • Non governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Free lancers 
  • Industry and professional associations 
How Bilbaal benefits organizations 
Bilbaal helps organizations find volunteers to support  their administrative and field operations. You can:
  • Find volunteers who are ready to serve your organization and then connect with them directly. 
  • Populate a calendar of events. 
  • Promote your organization by uploading your press releases through the site. 
How we define the kind of support you can find on Bilbaal 
1- Pro bono professional services 
Pro bono is a Latin word that refers to activities done "for the public good." Pro bono professional services involves volunteering a professional skill at no cost that is usually provided at cost, for the public good.  These skills include but are not limited to graphic design, marketing, legal, human resources, public relations, grant writing, translation, and engineering/architectural consulting.  
These types of services can be provided virtually. All communication can be done online across geographic boundaries, all over the world.  
This kind of work is usually consultative in nature. 
2- Volunteering
Volunteering involves spending time physically providing support to an organization in the field wherever they operate.  These are services that an organization would not necessarily pay for.  Volunteering is usually episodic. 
3- Intern 
Internships are usually held by  university students at all levels looking for specific work experience. They usually last at least one month and up to a maximum of 6 months and take place within the offices of an organization. 
4- Free lancer 
Free lancers are usually consultants offering their services outside the realm of an established business entity as paid work. They are the backbone of many businesses and economies globally. Their work is paid. 
Why work with a pro bono professional or volunteer? 
Globally, pro bono services are used to support the work of nonprofits.  Bilbaal offers a database of professionals that care about the kind of work your organization does and who are motivated solely by the desire to help. Our pro bono volunteers are a useful resource for a second opinion on a business or administrative matter. They offer their professional consulting services to support your work. 
Pro bono professional services do not replace the retained expertise of the professionals you already work with or plan to hire. They are a useful resource to supplement the work of your full time staff. 
Volunteers will support ongoing projects, programs, or events on ground should you need one time physical support to supplement your staff.
How Bilbaal works 
  1. Sign up by completing the registration form by clicking here
  2. Post opportunities for volunteers 
  3. Communicate directly with them through the private messaging function
  4. Monitor their progress through their giving diary 
Learn more with these short instructional videos: