Who We Are

Bilbaal is a place for people to find their own personal purpose within the Palestinian cause.

Bilbaal is independent of any government, political ideology, or religion and is dedicated to helping social, economic and cultural initiatives related to Palestinians.

Bilbaal means “on your mind” in colloquial Arabic, reflecting our aim of keeping Palestine on your mind.

The Team
Rasha Kashkoush
co-founder, Bilbaal
Rasha is the Community Engagement Manager at DLA Piper. Previously a Regional Director for government and public affairs at Hill+Knowlton, Rasha holds a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia university and an undergraduate degree from McGill University. Rasha's upbringing is typical of the Palestinian Diaspora. She grew up in Kuwait, Limassol, Beirut, Dubai, and Amman, and has lived in Geneva, Montreal, and New York City. She volunteers with the Welfare Association and the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund.
Dana Salloum
co-founder, Bilbaal

Dana is currently is the Manager for Government, Industry and Community Engagement at Boeing Middle East . Dana graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communications and a minor in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. She earned a Masters Degree in Public Communications from American University, Washington, DC. She has served as the Executive Vice President of The American Business Council for Dubai and Northern Emirates and currently serves on the board of the American Chamber of Commerce Abu Dhabi. Dana also volunteers with various non-profit organizations. Her passion for volunteering is fueled by a desire to support those unable to meet their basic needs. As a result, Dana has been an avid supporter of programs focused on sustainable human and community development.

Bilbaal is an online platform that connects people who want to serve with organizations that need their support by: 

  • Outlining opportunities to serve the Palestinian community globally through pro bono professional services, volunteering, internships and free lance services
  • Highlighting and promoting Palestinian related events globally through an events calendar
  • Creating a global network of members dedicated to serving the Palestinian community

We want to make it easier for individuals to find the information they need about Palestinian related initiatives worldwide and learn how they can get involved given their specific skill sets and interests.


Why are we doing this

We believe there is a need to increase civic engagement within the Palestinian diaspora and within Palestine. 

We aim to create an online Palestine that connects people from around the world, and make  it easier for them to get involved with organizations already serving the Palestinian community. 

We believe that collaboration builds community.

Who should use the site

Bilbaal should be used by anyone interested in supporting Palestinian related initiatives or organizations helping Palestinians.


Bilbaal is grateful to have the support of several individuals and organizations who believe in our work.


We raised over $31,000 in 60 days from individual donors from around the world.

Dr. Nabil Qaddumi
Wael Salloum
Ibrahim Salloum
Ahlam Shammas
Mamoun Khogali
Nasanin Dadgaranfar
Samih Toukan
Assil Omar
Dalia Al Sayeh
Feras Arayqat
Gazal Kamal
Ibrahim Tadros
Jerry Nazzal
Lubna Haroun
MBC Alamal MBC Alamal
Nadira Apelian
Ruba Yehia
Tala Al Ramahi
Dalia Kadhim
Dina Yazbak
Essam Nessim
Fouad Dajani
Joanne Kubba
Lama Al Khawaja
Lana Nahawi
Mahmoud Al-Khawaja
Mamoon Sbeih
Mary Nicola
Maurice Tanas
Nadyn Kesserwany
Rasha Shehada
Rawan Kashkoush
Zeina Fakhry
Areej Mansour Dajani
Cecil Orji
Dalal Alnafisi
Dareen Abughaida
Eman Khallouf
Frit Wilhelmsen
Hadi & Dima Salame
Hisham El-Chazli
Justin M. Irwin
Karine Ataya
Mario Bonifacio
Noora Husseini
Osama El-Quqa
Parastou Youssefi
Ramzi Houry
Ramzi Jaber
Rania Barakat
Saeed Al-Naji
Sami Khoury
Sharif Hamadeh
Suzy Gillett
Taghreed M A Al Qudsi
Tanya Khoury
Thomas Praming
Zarmineh Rab
Aisha Alsager
Lotfi Bencheikh
Nadia Rouchdy
Zoe Caratas


Funding Partner:

Aflamnah.com - the Arab world's leading crowd funding site for creative endeavors.


Our Volunteers
Bilbaal is built on the idea of volunteer based giving. We're lucky to have the support of talented professionals who donated their time and skills to help us launch. They include:
Rania Beltagi

Rania Baltagi is a Dubai based creative designer and art director with over 12 years of experience in broadcast and digital media. She is part of the in-house creative team that helped launch Sky News Arabia, Dubai Television, Dubai One, Sama Dubai and Dubai Sport Channel. She has taught courses in Computer Graphics and Visualizing News at the American University in Dubai. Rania holds a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from the American University of Beirut and a Master's degree in Interactive Multimedia from the Utrecht University of the Arts.

Gibran Translation

Gibran is a professional translation services company that focuses on financial, technical, legal, and business translations. We aspire to serve leading corporations and influential policymakers across the Middle East. Our recognition of the region’s need for quality translation, coupled with our passion for languages, has inspired us to establish Gibran. We offer a reliable, first-class service providing sophisticated and precise translations. Through Gibran, we seek to assist clients to effectively and accurately communicate their messages to a wide and growing audience.

AH Design

A design consultancy specialised in corporate branding and communication. Combining local knowledge and regional experience, AH pools the talents of a highly creative and complimentary team, effectively providing clients with comprehensive marketing solutions across multiple media platforms.

Our Ambassadors:
Our Ambassadors continuously communicate about Bilbaal on our behalf and pave the way for us to strengthen relationships wherever we are.
Ibrahim Tadros

Ibrahim holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science & Engineering from MIT. Ibrahim is currently a Senior Consultant with The Executive Office of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai. Previously, Ibrahim held various positions within the Abu Dhabi Government and international management consulting firms. Ibrahim is a Jordanian of Palestinian decent who grew up in Amman, Jordan, and has lived in Boston, New York and Dubai. He is currently on the Young Professionals Board of PACES, a UK-based charity supporting Palestinian Children's involvement in sports programs, and is a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Shaper's Dubai Hub.

Lama Ghannam

Lama is a student who is currently completing her bachelor degree in business, with a concentration in marketing in Boston, MA. She believes in advocating for human rights and educating herself on current humanitarian situations globally. She volunteers with several grassroots organizations in Boston, and with Grassroots International.

Hadeel Muhareb

Born Palestinian and raised in the United States, Hadeel is personally invested, passionate about the cause, and eager to help educate others. She hopes to spread the word through the power of social media and empower others to make a difference in the fight for justice.
Hadeel is a Social Media Manager with international marketing experience, a Bachelors degree in business marketing and a Masters degree in international business. Hadeel has led several successful social media strategies and campaigns for various clients across the Middle East.

Israa Khater

Israa Khater is currently pursuing a master's degree in Public Policy from the University of York and the International Institute of Social Studies (Erasmus University). She completed her undergraduate education in the American University of Sharjah and obtained a Bachelor's of Arts in International Studies. She has previously worked as a translator and content writer in Dubai. Israa is the BDS campaign officer in the University of York's Palestinian Solidarity Society. She has previously completed internships with the United Nations House in Kuwait and the DIFC Courts in Dubai.