Iris Solutions

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Iris Solutions is entrepreneurial business established in 2010 by three co-founders. Iris provides intelligent interactive solutions in which the touch technology is utilized to add value to our clients through dispense and collecting information in an elegant, attractive and user-friendly way. Iris also services Assistive Technology, in which we harsh the power of interactive technology and mix light, sound, and music with other technological equipment to create an sensory experience that helps in the process of rehabilitation of children with limited communication skills - specifically autistic and disabled children - , along with stress-related conditions. We have already established 15 sensory rooms across West Bank and Gaza, helping more than 2500 children with various post-war traumas, autism & disabilities conditions, and other stress conditions.
Support Needed


  • Alwaan Content Translation
    Skills: Translation Services
    Location: remote
    Translating manual for Sensory Box into Arabic language. The Sensory Box is a tool to help children with developmental disorders through creating sensory environment. Iris have been developing this tool for the last 3 years, and we are looking to translate the usage manual into Arabic language. You can learn more about us through our website:
  • Sensory Box
    Skills: Communications & PR
    Location: remote
    Helping to promote Iris's new tool - Sensory Box - online through press-releases, online presence, and connections to stake holders.

Probono services

    Skills: Communications & PR
    Location: Palestine
    Developing platform to spread awareness about developmental disorders in MENA.