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Cycling4Gaza is an independent initiative founded by a group of concerned young people in the wake of the 2009 war on Gaza. Our mission is to raise awareness about the ongoing blockade on the Gaza Strip and to raise funds for carefully selected non-profit organisations that provide critical educational and health support to vulnerable Palestinian communities; with a final goal of creating a sustainable project. We do this by mobilising people from all over the world to come together in a yearly cycling challenge in a collective effort to raise awareness and resources. 2009 saw us cycling from London to Paris in 3 days in support of Medical Aid for Palestinians and their emergency healthcare projects in Gaza following the 2009 offensive. 27 of us from all over the world cycled through the south of England and across Normandy into Paris, reaching the Eiffel Tower on the 4th of July. Over the next 2 years, we partnered with the Welfare Association, cycling to raise funds for their early childhood education projects and programmes supporting mentally and physically disabled children in Gaza. In 2010, we cycled from Pisa to Rome, taking on tough terrain and steep hills along the way, and covering over 400 km in 4 days. 2011 took us to Jordan, where we cycled over 350 km along the border with Palestine, from Aqaba in the south all the way up to the top of the Dead Sea. The 2012 cycle was successfully completed in Turkey, 350 km in 3 days, ending in front of the majestic Blue Mosque; in support of Medical Aid for Palestinians. These projects were aimed to create sustainability in vulnerable Palestinian communities, 2 projects were impacting people directly in Gaza and the third supported Palestinians living in refugee camps in the north and south of Lebanon. The REACH Gaza project was launched in 2013, through a partnership with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. Over £150,000 was raised through the cycling challenge that was held in Germany. 39 cyclists completed over 400 km from Hamburg to Berlin in 3 days, finishing their epic cycle at the Brandeburger Tor highlighting its significance to the European example of unity and peace.