Aid Watch Palestine

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Aid Watch Palestine (AWP) is an independent community-driven initiative that aims to inform, stimulate and support advocacy that makes aid to Palestine more accountable to Palestinians—starting initially with reconstruction of the Gaza Strip. We believe that focusing critical and constructive scrutiny on the ineffectiveness of aid will activate public, private, international and local aid actors to honor their obligations to promote Palestinian rights in all humanitarian and development efforts and will embolden Palestinians to claim their rights in the aid process.
Support Needed

Probono services

  • Motion graphics bumper
    Skills: Photography/Videography
    Location: remote
    We need a short, animated bumper (3-5 second intro and 2-3 second close) for short video clips about international aid in Palestine that can brand our clips. We have a brand identity but need someone to make the bumper.
  • Aid Watch Palestine
    Skills: Translation Services
    Location: remote
    New website, a hub for a conversation among Palestinians and aid actors about re-envisioning aid, was launched and needs constant updating. We need lots of expert translation to maintain the site so that information is visible in both Arabic and English. An ongoing commitment is much appreciated.