Bethlehem Study Center

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Bethlehem Study Center is responding to intellectual apathy, and even hostility, toward learning and critical study that exists in the Palestinian society, particularly in younger generations. This is particularly manifested in a general lack of reading and a startling disinterest in inquiry and in thoughtful and rational analysis. Accordingly, it is our conviction that the youth in the area need a place that fosters a culture of engagement, reflection and community. Our hope is that what we are creating here would empower and enrich the youth and young adults in the area and help create and shape a thoughtful and better equipped society. We are seeking to accomplish that through various programs and activities. These include book clubs, film screenings, music evenings, various educational workshops and study groups, and more. The facilities of the center include a library, sitting and study room, a fully-equipped multi-purpose room, and a coffeeshop that serves drinks and food.