HADAF: From Passion to Progress

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HADAF: Turning Passion into Progress mitigates the challenges to social and economic progress in underserved communities by proactively engaging youth to develop their ideas of entrepreneurship and innovation. In partnership with organizations and companies in identified underserved communities, we provide mentorship on strategy building, idea development, and entrepreneurship to talented individuals. We bring awareness to passionate ideas and provide the skills and tools necessary to turn them into economic progress. At HADAF, our objective is to connect individuals with those outside their communities in order to provide opportunities for them to share their experiences and gain the necessary training and guidance to successfully implement their innovative ideas.
Support Needed

Probono services

  • Digital Marketing Help
    Skills: Marketing
    Location: remote
    The organization is currently working on a lot of projects via partnerships with other organizations working in Palestine. The website is meant to attract both partners and people in Palestine in the economic development, innovation and entrepreneurship space. This opportunity is suitable for someone with digital marketing experience who is willing to help make the website more attractive and visible to the target group. Ability to manage technical changes on the website is a plus. For more details, please contact us